Demand Amy Coney Barrett recuse herself from abortion cases over her Christian cult scandal!

  • von: OD Action
  • empfänger: Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett

New reporting has revealed that Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett and her husband lived with the leader of an extremist Christian cult called "People of the Praise" while they were in law school. Barett herself served as a "handmaid" to more senior women in the group.

The leader of this cult, Kevin Ranaghan, is accused of "exerting almost total control over one of the group's female members, including making all decisions about her finances and dating relationships."

Demand Justice Barrett recuse herself from all Supreme Court cases involving women's rights!

Ranaghan and his wife are also accused of practicing "sexual displays" in front of their children and other adults, and one former member recalls being shocked to discover Ranaghan showered with his preteen daughters. Other members of the cult have been accused of sexual and physical abuse against children.

While Barrett did not live with the Ranaghans while the alleged abuse was occurring, the fact that she willingly served as a "handmaid" to a group that bans women from leadership positions and exerts total control over the lives (and paychecks) of its female members means she cannot possibly be trusted to give an objective or unbiased ruling on anything involving women's rights, especially in the upcoming case on abortion rights in America.

Demand Amy Coney Barrett recuse herself from abortion cases over her Christian cult scandal!

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