Clearcast: Allow Vegan Advocacy Groups to Air Pro-Vegan Adverts!

Each year, 6.4 billion land and aquatic animals are slaughtered unnecessarily in the UK. Many of these sentient, intelligent and emotional animals are abused before being sent to slaughterhouses, where they are either bolt-gunned in the head, stunned using an electrified water bath, electrically-stunned or gassed. They are then taken to the kill room, where they are hoisted up, hung upside down and have their throats cut.

The cruelty is not just limited to the actual slaughterhouse either. Chickens have their sensitive beaks sliced with a red-hot blade, and are kept in cruel and cramped conditions and are made to put on an unnatural amount of weight, or lay an unnatural amount of eggs, which depletes their bodies. Often, the male chicks born into the egg industry are gassed or shredded alive as they are of no worth to the farms. Cattle have their calves taken away, causing them to bellow and grieve (the calves also cry for their mothers). Pigs have their teeth and tails cut without any anaesthetic. If they are male, they are also castrated without anaesthetic. Turkeys and pigs are made to put on loads of weight and live in cruel and unnatural conditions. Factory-farmed ducks usually never see water, except in their drinkers, and their legs are often deformed.

Fish are sentient and feel pain. Yet, they are dragged out of the water, where they either suffocate or are stabbed to death. Our oceans are running out of fish!

Clearcast has an opportunity to help spare animals' lives, help the environment greatly and help people's health by allowing animal rights groups to air pro-vegan adverts!

Thank you.

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