Public want the McCanns to take voluntary lie detector test


Since the disappearance of Madeleine almost 10 years ago, an overwhelming majority of the UK population now suspect that Gerry and Kate McCann may have played a direct role in the cover-up of her disappearance.

To date a total of 12 million pounds has been spent looking for Madeleine but no trace of her has been found.

We, the public now ask that Gerry and Kate McCann take a voluntary lie detector test which will be set up and paid for by us to satisfy and to put an end to speculation and allegations that they are not implicated in their daughters disappearance, other than leaving her and her siblings alone on that fateful night.

We feel that the McCann's should take this opportunity which is a positive step to successfully bring an end to the speculation that they were involved in their daughters disappearance to the extent of foul play by them or an accident which they deliberately covered up.

As for the legitimacy of lie detector tests, the government have already introduced them to 'manage' convicted sex offenders. Studies have shown that polygraph testing both facilitates the disclosure of information and alerts the offenders managers to possible deception, allowing them to work with offenders in a more focused way.

The McCann's have received an unprecedented amount of funds and support from the government whilst other families whose children go missing receive almost none.

It is quite clear the McCann's have gained financially from the disappearance of their daughter.

Whether or not you believe they are part of a cover-up of an accident that took place that fateful night or they are involved in foul play in some way, or indeed they are completely innocent and they have been unfairly targeted, then that is why you MUST sign & share this petition.

Either way, the McCann's were responsible for the neglect of their children that night and should at the very least be prosecuted for that.

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Petition unterzeichnen
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