These Dogs' Ears Were Mauled Off, Then Someone Left Them to Die

  • von: Care2 Team
  • empfänger: Connecticut authorities
Whimpering and crying, two dogs were found abandoned in the Connecticut woods recently - and whoever dumped them there did so after they sustained truly grotesque injuries.

By the time authorities discovered the pair, the dogs had been disfigured. The wounds they sustained suggest that someone had likely forced the pups to participate in dog-fighting, where two animals are pitted against each other and encouraged to tear each other to shreds for human amusement.

Connecticut authorities must prioritize finding and shutting down dog fighting rings in the state. Sign the petition if you agree.

Both dogs' ears were gone - "mauled off" - and they were covered in cuts and gashes.

Their conditions were so severe, veterinarians unfortunately had to euthanize one of the animals to alleviate its suffering.

Connecticut authorities must find whoever did this to these dogs, and investigate dog fighting rings in the state to shut them down! Sign the petition to protect other dogs from abuse!
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