Chickens Have Rights As Well

    I live in Small Town of 2,400 people and a lot of people have chickens on their property but the city officials have decided to pick on my fiance and I for having chickens that are not 100ft away from:
    1- Public road
    2-Private road
    3- Neighboring Property Line.

    Spoiler: Everyone on my street signed a paper stating my chickens do not bother them or damage their property but the judge & City Attorney did not care.
    - The bank behind my house even gave me a official paper from them as well.

    So I asked the City Officials what can I do to try and keep our chickens first they said I had to pay $150 to appeal so I did then I get a phone call 2 weeks later from them saying they are refunding the money because there was nothing I could do but get a ticket and go in front of the judge so I called the police station and told I need to write me a ticket so I can get the ball rolling as you can tell from above i have and now I'm taking it to trail 8-18 @ 4.

    We should be aloud to keep chickens on our property as long as they are not damaging your neighbors property or the city's.
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