StarWarsKnightsOfTheOldRepublic3 Development!

  • von: angelo gango
  • empfänger: ElectronicArts,DisneyCorporation,LucasFilm,ObsidianEntertainment

Please all StarWars fans Waiting for KOTOR3 Please DisneyEA LUCASFILM BioWare
all waiting ! Star Wars Knights of the Old was a fond part of many Star Wars fans Childhoods, now obsidian never finished the game with lords and it ended with the exile chasing after Revan in deep space to face the "true Sith". A lot of fans would love a 3rd installment to finish the iconic series but its been 10 years Now That Disney has control i hope it will at least be Considered. its not like the new game has to be turnbased It could be like a Force Unleashed or fable like gameplay just please, finish a game thatwill stop nagging fans. 

StarWarsKnightsOfTheOldRepublic3 Please DisneyEA Lucasfilm ObsidianEntertainment

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