Bring Home Marcello and Sirelo Valencia

    My sons where removed to foster about 8-9 months ago during them was placed in foster care where I believe where being mistreated with pictures to prove my sons were not being well treated I reported many times dcs would close out each investigation I would open . Then I asked for another case worker due to person conflict my first case work knew my family from past issues so know she knew us remain to take the case n work it switching out my case out to Glendale dcs office not ever being updated of anything and not giving no help such references for classes or any treatment stopping visits after finshing up with my frist case aid giving me a parenting aid whom I seen once canceled out service 5-6 months ago now giving two visiting prior to this date today giving me yet another case aid when never being updated on any thing that is going on , a family member was approved dcs never showed up for home visit or calling to update to removal of the boys to months later tell us she would get them then say she couldn’t having tribal step in state still involved and not only that the miscommunication between workers and parents my boys don’t deserve to be where they are when I drug tested clean each and every single time please sign and help bring my boys home thank you
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