Please, No More Elephants For The Lahore Zoo That Killed Suzi....

The Lahore Zoo cannot take care of an elephant properly, which led to the early demise of precious Suzi, a beautiful sweet girl.

Due to a shortage of funds and the unavailability of African elephants, Suzi was made to live alone throughout her life at the zoo. Suzi died on May 13, 2017 at the young age of 32.

The African bush elephant was brought to the Lahore Zoo in 1992 when she was six years old, just when her tusks began to grow. Since the day she set foot in the Lahore Zoo until the day she died, Suzi never got to see a member of her own species.

Suzi was unable to sit during the last three days of her life, and was kept standing for almost 98 hours until Saturday afternoon. On the evening when she finally sat down, she took her last breath.

It's times like these that we all should understand wild animals are not born to live in captivity. The life span of an elephant in the wild is around 60-70 years, but we took Suzi's life when she was just 32.

Suzi died because of the zoo's mistakes. Proper care and management of an elephant requires specialized veterinarians, wellness checks, and proper food. The Lahore Zoo in Pakistan failed to provide these things for Suzi. They must never be allowed to own another elephant.

Please sign and share this petition to demand that the Lahore Zoo be banned from owning another elephant under any circumstance.

Thank you for your support.

Update #1vor 4 Jahren
Lahore Zoo has plans to get a young elephant to replace Suzi. We cannot let this happen. Please, share this petition every where. We need big numbers to make any difference. Thank you so much.
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