COVID-19 is threatening children's access to food. Join the fight to save them!

Save the Children's Protect a Generation campaign has brought worldwide attention to the devastating impact that Covid-19 is having on children's rights, including their right to survive, their right to good health and well-being, and their right to good food and nutrition.

Good nutrition matters. It is essential for a child to grow, thrive and develop to their full potential. It is also vital to keeping children alive. We know that undernutrition is linked to nearly half of all deaths under the age of five. It can weaken an immune system, making children more susceptible to illness and ultimately lead to higher rates of child mortality.

The Global Hunger Crisis has been on the rise for the past four years, exacerbated by climate change, poverty and increasing inequality. The coronavirus pandemic has only intensified these challenges with 30% of families worldwide losing almost all of their income.

Measures like school closures, trade restrictions and country lockdowns have meant many families are no longer able to obtain nutritious food. The most vulnerable children, including girls and those living in fragile and conflict-affected countries, are even more likely to suffer from malnutrition and its life-changing consequences.

Unless we take immediate action, 129 million children will be chronically malnourished by 2030, and we will bear witness to a global food and nutrition emergency, like we have never seen before.

We cannot let this happen. We must act now to both save children's lives today and safeguard their future from the scars of malnutrition.

We are asking all governments, including Canada, to put support for nutrition and food security at the centre of their global and domestic pandemic responses to ensure that no child is left behind from progress to end malnutrition for all.

Sign and stand with all the world's children. We must do whatever it takes to protect children in Canada and around the world during the COVID-19 crisis.
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