Republicans Are Making Moves to Abolish the ACA. Sign to Show Your Support for Accessible Health Care!

On Friday, December 14, U.S. District Judge Reed O'Connor ruled the Affordable Care Act unconstitutional--a decision that would be disastrous not only for millions of Americans, but the United State's entire healthcare system if the ruling holds in the courts.

The case was brought to Judge O'Connor by 18 Republican state attorneys general and two GOP governors. They argued that an individual ACA mandate that was repealed by Congress in 2017--a provision that issued a tax penalty to Americans who did not purchase health insurance--rendered the entire law unconstitutional. In other words, these Republicans and Judge O'Connor agreed that dozens of essential provisions for vulnerable Americans are invalid due to one missing mandate. While this ruling does NOT affect current or 2019 coverage, it does threaten millions of ACA recipients in future years if the decision carries.

Now more than ever we need to pledge our support for the Affordable Care Act.

Because of the ACA's expansion of Medicaid, over 10 million low-income Americans have gotten the coverage they needed. In addition, Americans with pre-existing conditions recieve coverage without having to pay excessive premiums. Young people starting their careers without workplace insurance can stay on their parents' plan until they are 26 because of the ACA. The ACA even secured more funding for Native American healthcare and protections for lactating mothers. For these reasons, among countless others, Americans need the protections granted through the ACA. 

Healthcare should be a basic human right, not a privilege. Please sign your name today and ask your state attorney general to fight for the protection of the Affordable Care Act. 
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