Demand Justice for Massachusetts Campus Sexual Assault Survivors

We're facing an epidemic of sexual violence on college campuses. 1 in 5 women and 1 in 16 men will be sexually assaulted during college—and those are only the cases we know about. 

In 2011, the Obama administration announced that campuses needed to improve how sexual assault investigations were handled and reported, and that the federal government would monitor their progress. But last year, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos overturned that decision, once again making it easier for sexual predators to get away with rape on campus.

We're past the point of waiting patiently for survivors to be believed or valued. If Betsy DeVos won't work to provide every student with a safe learning environment, then it is up to state legislators to keep our college campuses safe.

Massachusetts state Representatives Tricia Farley-Bouvier and Lori Ehrlich have introduced two bills that will increase students' safety and provide more resources for sexual assault survivors:

  • S.2203/H.632 ensures that the sexual assault reporting and response requirements set by the Obama administration not only stay in place, but are made stronger than ever before.
  • H.4159 (previously H.2998) requires every Massachusetts college and university to administer an anonymous sexual assault climate surveys to their students

Students have been working on these bills for over four years, and they could forever change how Massachusetts campuses respond to sexual assault—but only if they're brought to a vote and passed. 

Sign this petition to join Every Voice Coalition in demanding that Massachusetts state representatives and college presidents support these important bills.

Together, we can send a message to all college students: We believe you, we believe in you, and we won't stop fighting for you to have the education you deserve.

UPDATE: Every Voice Coalition is organizing a rally against sexual violence at the Boston State House on April 10th. Please RSVP now to stand with sexual assault survivors and ask Massachusetts leaders to take every possible measure to keep our campuses safe! 

Update #7vor 4 Jahren
Every Voice Bills Near Passage, but We Need Your Help
Speaker DeLeo endorsed the Every Voice bills, as did the Boston Globe. With more than 2/3 of lawmakers signed on, we're on the brink of passing groundbreaking laws that could be a national model.
But there's still a lot of work ahead of us & we need your help. Sign up here to become an Every Voice Founding Member & join the movement!
Update #6vor 5 Jahren
Our two bills to fight campus sexual assault barely failed in 2018. Despite hundreds of students rallying together and 90K signatures, they said it was close, but not enough momentum to cross the finish line. In 2019, we won't let that happen again. Use this email tool to ask your representative to cosponsor the bills. There is no one better to deliver this message than you. Act now before the Feb. 1 deadline. It's easy - click and send!
Update #5vor 5 Jahren
Donate now to support the Every Voice Coalition! Every single dollar counts, and every cent will go towards the fight to end sexual violence. The coalition is fully comprised of unpaid volunteers. Your donation will help us advocate for state level policies that protect and support survivors, financially support students that want to join our work but cannot do so without pay, and bring together students to stand together against sexual violence.
Update #4vor 5 Jahren
The MA House just passed the Climate Survey bill by a vote of 149-0. This vote is a victory for survivors across Massachusetts, and a testament to the hard work of thousands of supporters. Now, with just 6 days left until the end of the legislative session, the Senate needs to join the House and get this bill to the governor’s desk. Call Senate President Spilka and ask her to take action to pass this bill before time runs out.
Update #1vor 6 Jahren
Every Voice Coalition is organizing a rally against sexual violence at the Boston State House on April 10th. Please RSVP now to stand with sexual assault survivors and ask Massachusetts leaders to take every possible measure to keep our campuses safe!
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