Call on Congress to Pass the Voting Rights Advancement Act

Voting rights for Black Americans are under attack. Voter suppression is real—and it's happening everywhere. Stand with the National Urban League. Sign our petition today to call on Congress to promote voting rights and combat voter suppression for people of color across America.
In 2008, the first time a major party Black presidential candidate was on the ballot, the Black voting rate matched or exceeded the voting rate of whites for the first time. Not surprisingly, a wave of racially-motivated voter suppression legislation swept the nation the year of the next federal election, 2010. State lawmakers that year introduced hundreds of voter suppression measures, from slashing early voting to enacting strict voter I.D. requirements.  

This suppressive environment continues today—in fact, it has only grown. As of March 2019, voting access is threatened in a dozen U.S. states. And during the 2018 election, voters in 23 states—nearly half the country—faced tougher restrictions than they did in 2010.

To ensure Black Americans have an equal voice in the upcoming election, we must tell Congress to advance the Voting Rights Advancement Act (VRAA), which restores full enforcement protections of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. We must also urge Congress to support the National Urban League's efforts to fight for policies that:

  •       Eliminate strict and discriminatory voter I.D. requirements
  •       Allow automatic, online, and same-day registration
  •       Restore voting rights to citizens convicted of felonies once they have completed their sentences
  •       Require paper verification of federal election ballots to prevent computer tampering
  •       When necessary, conduct post-election audits to compare paper and computer results
  •       Eliminate voter roll purges based on failure to vote or respond to mailed documents
  •       Prohibit distribution of false information dissuading people from voting
  •       Grant statehood for the District of Columbia to give residents full voting rights
  •       Create a national commission to track and eliminate foreign election interference
  •       Move the U.S. toward the popular election of presidents with a goal of eliminating the Electoral College

Our democracy is at stake. Sign our petition today to tell Congress to protect, preserve, and enhance voting rights for all.

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