Tell Congress to Ensure Medicare Advantage is available to ALL seniors and people with disabilities

Your voice is essential to the mission of Better Medicare Alliance to ensure that Medicare Advantage is available to ALL seniors and people with disabilities across the United States.

With support from Congress, Medicare Advantage can continue to provide high-quality, affordable care to millions of Medicare beneficiaries.

Please stand with Better Medicare Alliance to protect the essential health coverage that over 28 million seniors rely on!

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Dear Rep. [Last Name],

As your constituent and a Better Medicare Alliance advocate, I urge you and other Members of Congress to continue to support quality, affordable health care for seniors like me by protecting and strengthening Medicare Advantage.

Today, Medicare Advantage provides innovative, value-based care that over 28 million seniors and people with disabilities choose and rely on. 

This health coverage protects our health and financial security – delivering consumer savings of nearly $2,000 per year compared to fee-for-service Medicare, while providing added benefits and better health outcomes that are helping seniors age with dignity and lead healthier lives. 

Data shows that Medicare Advantage is creating value for government, too. A new report shows lower per-beneficiary spending in Medicare Advantage compared to fee-for-service Medicare, finding that "the federal government pays less and gets more for its dollar" in Medicare Advantage. 

For these reasons and more, Medicare Advantage earns a 94% satisfaction rate from seniors and drew the support of a record-setting bipartisan supermajority in Cognress earlier this year.

Medicare Advantage is now the leading choice for Medicare coverage in over 120 Congressional districts and within the next year, half of all Medicare beneficiaries are projected to choose Medicare Advantage nationwide.

Medicare Advantage depends on continued support from policymakers like you to deliver these successes for our nation's seniors and people with disabilities. I am counting on you to be a champion for my choice of health care through Medicare Advantage and for all who rely on it.

Please act today to ensure that the over 28 million beneficiaries, like me, across the country who choose Medicare Advantage have their coverage supported and strengthened.



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