Urge Congress to increase funding for our parks this fiscal year

With summertime approaching, park visitation will only continue to rise. That is a great thing! However, Congress needs to ensure that the National Park Service (NPS) has the tools and resources to accommodate all those visitors, and to protect our parks, historic sites and wildlife at the same time!

More than 3,200 park staff, or 15% of the Park Service's staffing capacity, have been eliminated over the last decade due to inadequate investments by Congress. This has meant rangers and other staff trying to do more with less, all as families flock to our parks seeking inspiration

This year, Congress has the opportunity to turn things around by passing a budget that brings more than a thousand staff back to our parks. If they don't act now, they risk further staff declines and damage to our parks and climate. Their investment is essential.

Sign your name and urge Congress to increase funding for our parks this fiscal year!
As a constituent and supporter of national parks and park rangers, I ask that you advance a long-overdue increase in funding for the National Park Service this fiscal year.

Our national parks are more popular than ever, yet funding support for rangers has been insufficient for years. Congress must support the rangers, maintenance workers, and other Park Service employees who commit their careers to protecting our heritage. For so many who work in America's national parks, it is more than a job--it is a calling.

Far beyond helping visitors explore our national parks, rangers and staff are emergency responders, traffic directors, trail and bathroom cleaners, wildlife biologists, teachers to our Junior Rangers and so much more. But they cannot continue this work without more support. Tightened budgets have forced parks to lose thousands of staff jobs over the past decade.

This year can be different.

With your support, this year's spending bill can provide a critically needed increase to operate national parks, which will create made-in-America jobs for protecting our country's most incredible natural and cultural resources. This investment is essential to support modern day staffing needs.

Thank you for considering my views.


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