Help Save Mule Deer Habitat

Mule deer depend on healthy, intact landscapes for survival.

Unfortunately, mule deer habitat has dwindled in recent years due to energy development, invasive species, and other human-caused impacts.

When mule deer travel their migration routes—often covering well over 100 miles and spanning tens of thousands of acres—it's crucial these vital habitat corridors are not destroyed or degraded as the deer need to eat and safely rest during the long journey.

A groundbreaking new proposal would protect ecosystems from future degradation and restore unhealthy landscapes and watersheds on public lands—benefitting mule deer and countless other species. By conserving and restoring the landscape—in collaboration with Indigenous communities—the agency will ensure that biodiversity is boosted across public lands and beyond.

Sign this petition and tell the Bureau of Land Management you support the plan to elevate conservation.
Dear Director Stone-Manning,

I'm writing in strong support of the proposed Conservation and Landscape Health Rule.

I know that it has always been part of the mission of the Bureau of Land Management to "sustain the health, diversity, and productivity of public lands for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations." Unfortunately, for far too long, the emphasis at the agency has been on "productivity" rather than to "sustain the health." I believe the new rule will properly rebalance the way the agency manages the land so that conservation is considered an equal use in the agency's multi-use mandate.

Our public lands are seeing extreme challenges, including degradation as a result of destructive fires, drought, invasive species, habitat fragmentation, and energy development. That is why it is critical for the BLM to proactively manage its lands to improve the health of these lands and watersheds.

The potential benefits from this proposed rule are numerous: protected and restored connectivity for migrating wildlife, reduced risk of damaging wildfires, control of invasive species, increased forage for wildlife and livestock, and an overall healthier landscape that is more resilient in the face of drought and a changing climate.

I applaud the agency's commitment to incorporate Indigenous Knowledge into its decision making and management actions, and urge the BLM to continue to engage in robust collaboration with Indigenous communities when it comes to public lands management.

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