Human Waste Water Caused a Massive 'Red Tide' Bacteria Spike in Florida, Killing 1600 tons of Marine Life

A deadly bacteria found in a substance called "red tide" in Florida is suspected to have killed a huge amount of sea creatures this summer. It is also causing respiratory issues in humans in the area. The bacteria has shown up before and wreaked havoc, but this deadly outbreak appears to be linked to the Piney Point phosphogypsum stack releasing at least 173 million gallons of wastewater into the ocean back in April. 

Sign the petition to join local advocates in demanding that Piney Point is immediately shut down and clean up gets underway. 

After the Piney Point issue in April, scientists warned of this exact outcome. The wastewater was nutrient dense and was doomed to supercharge the red tide bloom. Now dolphins, turtles, manatees, fish and more are washing up on Florida's shores, apparently suffocated by the blooms. And it's not just marine life; humans are having trouble breathing as well as the bacteria is filling the air. 

This tragedy was largely preventable. While algae blooms of this kind have been occurring for hundreds of years, waste from human activities can and does make the problem much worse. Among some of the dead marine life are definitely members of endangered species that inhabit those waters. This should be enough to hold the people who leaked waste water responsible, but so far nothing has been done and Piney Point is still operating.

Will you join locals in calling for the closing of Piney Point and an immediate clean up before more animals die and more people suffer? Sign the petition!

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