Violent, Terrorizing Murders of Women Have Increased 33% in Argentina, but the Government There Doesn't Care

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Femicide is the intentional, targeted murder of women precisely because they are women, generally committed by men. And it has risen 33% in Argentina from 2022 to 2023. Last year, 322 femicides that we know about occurred in Argentina. But right-wing officials who have taken charge in the country genuinely don't seem to care.

In fact, Argentina's new president Javier Milei actually took this opportunity to close down the ministry of women and gender, while also proposing new 'regressive' laws.

This level of callous disregard for women's lives is unbelievable. Demand the Argentinian government reopen the ministry of women and gender now and implement new policies to take femicide more seriously!

The increase in misogynistic murders - a form of terrorizing women - has reached record highs in the country.

The murders often include sexual assault, and three-quarters of all victims were killed by someone they already knew beforehand. A full 60% were killed while at work or at home - some, right in front of their children.

Women who have come forward to report threats against their lives or fear of impending femicide have said they often feel dismissed or their concerns minimized by authorities, leading to incomplete or improper assessments of the situation. That exposes women to more risks, leaving them vulnerable since there's nowhere safe to turn.

For President Milei to now be shutting down the ministry of women and gender on top of all these abuses is unconscionable.

We must speak out now to stand with the women who are protesting femicide in Argentina! Sign the petition to demand the Argentinian government finally take proper action to provide justice for these women!
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