Find Maxine The Rhino's Killer

  • von: Jaime M
  • empfänger: Gov. of South Africa

While she was sleeping, poachers put a gun to her head and pulled the trigger. That is how Maxine the rhino met her untimely end, at the end of a gun, held by a heartless human being.

Maxine's death left zookeepers at South Africa's Natal Lion Park stunned. The park had had her since she was a young calf after her mother died during birth. She grew up to be one of the most beloved animals on the property and now she is gone - Killed for her horn.

More than a thousand rhinos are poached each year in South Africa alone. The stories are tragic and the photos horrifying. And now Maxine's name has been added to the list of the lost.

With so few rhinos left on Earth we have to protect each and every one, and find and punish those who would do them harm. Tell South African authorities to not give up the search for Maxine's murderer. Sign the petition.

Dear Gov. of South Africa,

I am heartbroken by the news of Maxine's death. The stories of rhino poaching have become so commonplace, but to hear about one being slaughtered for her horn in the protection of a park is even more disturbing. I encourage you to please continue your search for her killer and bring them to justice.

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