Stand with Hannah to help end human trafficking in Nigeria

*Content Warning: This page contains references to sexual violence and abuse which some people may find distressing. Names have been changed to protect identities.

"I want trafficking to stop in Nigeria. I don't want other girls to go through what I went through," says Hannah*. Her parents separated while she was growing up and she went to live with her grandmother. When her grandmother died, a friend suggested Hannah move to Abuja for work.

"A friend told me I should come to Abuja where there is money, where there is a job. She took me to a woman, who took me to a house where they were doing prostitution. There were so many girls there. She took advantage of them. Now I am a survivor of prostitution." Every day, girls like Hannah in crisis-hit areas of Nigeria are being trafficked and exploited. Sold, deceived and coerced, they're being forced into prostitution, child labour, domestic servitude and child marriage.

Brave young women like Hannah have joined with Plan International to call on Nigerian federal government departments and state governments to come together and commit to resource a public awareness campaign that reaches remote communities, to ensure every girl and their families know the risks of trafficking and exploitation.

Hannah and young women like her are asking people around the world to join them. Will you add your name and stand right by their side to end human trafficking?

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