Two Cats Were Thrown From 13-Floor Building!

  • von: Care2 Team
  • empfänger: Birmingham Authorities
Two innocent cats were thrown to their death off a 13-floor building in Birmingham. The poor cats were found early in the morning. 

Sign the petition to demand authorities figure out who did this and charged them with animal cruelty!

These cats were not microchipped or collared, so there is no way to figure out who owned them that way. But authorities could absolutely figure out who was in the building at the time and if anyone in the building owned them. 

We can only hope that the cats died immediately upon impact, but we really can't be sure. It's possible they laid there for minutes or hours suffering in pain before finally dying. 

Whoever did this must be brought to justice. Not only is it horrible to murder a living being in this cruel way, but it also points to violent tendencies in that person. Many people who abuse animals go on to abuse humans as well. Finding the offender here is absolutely crucial!

Sign on to demand answers for the murder of these two cats!

*Photo from RSPCA, released in an effort to catch the perpetrator.
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