Everybody in the World come forward if you know about the surveillance technology law enforcement use to torture people undercover.

I ask everyone around the World to come forward if you know about the surveillance technology secret police law enforcement use undercover to intentionally torture, rape, severely manipulate and abuse people mentally, emotionally and physically in newspapers, on radio podcasts if you want law enforcement that uses it to serve justice only and follow laws anywhere in the World.
To prevent heinous crimes committed towards anyone in Canada and anywhere in the World in secret undercover using surveillance technology.
Law enforcement in Canada violently brainwashing people to commit heinous crimes towards others while committing heinous crimes in secret undercover using surveillance technology, threatened me indirectly to parish and be killed and missing for exposing these hard truths about what they've done to me and what they can do to you in Canada or anyone in the entire World.
I want to prevent this, I want people to know and be aware to educate them about this surveillance technology that any corrupted ill intentioned individuals in law enforcement can brainwash them and lead them to do.
I dont want anyone to be led to commit heinous crimes such as murder, sexual abuse of children, terrorism.

I have witnessed that Law enforcement in Canada in secret undercover for a year everyday nonstop in every way possible aggresively violently branwashing me to harm American President Obama redirecting at him all they've done and continue doing to me all the inhumane violence they cause everyday to me, bringing him up all this time always,  that I supported for years when he was a President and myself defended him online from those who badmouthed him. And want me to violently rape my children and others children that I love and care about whom I always protected from any danger or mistreatment from anyone. And despite the fact that I was a loving and caring Mom and Grandmother, a kindergarten teacher that have clear criminal record I obtained from police to allow me to work in childcare in Canada and have excellent wonderful references from the supervisor were I worked at The School Board in Canada saying what a wonderful person and great teacher I am and what a excellent care I provided to children in my care. And to become a terrorist while I have always been against terrorism and reported all  suspicious behaviour and objects in the Canadian city were I lived, I supported President Obama because he killed Osama Bin Laden and that was my way to stop terrorism around the World thats what I decided, I was deeply concern for all children after 9/11 and people, I sent my deepest condolences to American Embassy in Canada on 9/11, I wrote a letter expressing my sorrow and grief about innocent people killed by terrorists in United States and I support Israeli government and Defence Forces that defend Israel against terroristic barbaric murderous Hamas and they raped me doing that every time I wrote a supportive message at all times and they force and brainwash and want me to commit terrorists acts in rebuke to their nonstop inhumane a deliberate abuse extreme sexual serial rape everyday nonstop for a year to no end, physical violence they even led me to fracture my ribs intentionally, hit me in a jaw with shovel full force, in the breast in shower full force with the shower head, they hit me everyday, they control my hands with this surveilance technology, emotionally and mentally abuse, block deliberately my true feelings and emotions and reactions, they are capable of that too, at all times as soon as their technology sense my kindness, my calmness, my empathy, love and care and feeling heartbroken they deliberatelly force with their technology to feel enraged, angry, extremely nervous, extremely unnaturally anxious, shaking, heart raced, when I dont feel this way at all and never did. I know myself and who I am and my personality and my character. I have been a very kind child and a kind hearted woman all my life that cares about all other people and take other people pain and suffering very close to my heart and literally feel their pain in my heart that how caring and empathetic I am. Everywere I lived Ive done things for people to make their lives better everyway I could and happier and helped others and protected others from harm. I have never felt angry or enraged at anyone in my entire life. They know this very well and deliberately block my true feelings and redirect this surveillance technology to feel and react they way they want me and need me to react and feel. Imagine that. If someone wouldnt know what they do to them how and were they will lead that person!!!! Literally to kill the most important President in the World or anyone they want them this secret police to kill, imagine that, thats how they use this surveillance technology. Imagine how many pepple they can turn into murderers and children rapists and violent terrorists to blow up targets they'd want them to blow up. This is is the most disgusting and dispicable secret I have found out about this secret police in Canada that they have surveillance technology and what they do with it. Therefor being a person that I am with conscience that I live by all my life, with pricipals and morals and values, I decided to let entire World know and warn all people about such evil use of the surveillance technology in the hands of extremely corrupted organization. I followed my conscience and I urge and ask from you to follow your conscience, because these people dont stop and wont stop, they never do, they dont let up!

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In my experience law enforcement in Canada use surveillance technology to rape women, me everyday hours nonstop daily for a year with no end, sleep deprive by waking up by rape several times a night, severely emotionally, mentally, physically abuse in secret undercover. They are capable to stimulate body and brain with this surveillance technology.
And all this time for a year aggressively nonstop brainwash to commit heinous crimes I never committed and refuse to commit but they dont let up and it made me think they did this before, thats what they do they lead people deliberately to commit heinous crimes.
And I am thinking how many people are already in prisons they led to commit heinous crimes and how many people they will continue to force by brainwashing and torture and tricking to commit heinous crimes. It is scary, I want to help all these people and prevent these crimes.
What they do by use of this surveillance technology they block intentionally my true feelings, true emotions, true reactions at all times immediately and force intentionally to have unnatural to me emotions, reactions I dont feel and dont have at all deliberately day after day.
This made me think they will intentionally mislead an innocent person and make think its they who have emotions and reactions and thoughts they brainwash them with day after day and fall for these deliberate nonstop lies and aggressive nonstop manipulation of their mind and body.
They literally by use of this surveillance technology create a complete new personality traits, feelings, emotions, reactions at all times nonstop which a person indeed doesnt have at all and never had, abuse inhumanly nonstop daily and brainwash aggressively nonstop to commit heinous crimes!
Therefor knowing this I felt its my obligation and responsibility as a human being who loves people and never committed and will not fall to commit any crimes no matter what they do to me to help others to educate them about this evil in my view use of the surveillance technology.
It is I think imperative for all in law enforcement and all that have knowledge of this to come forward, on tv, in newspapers, on radio and let all people know that they have a surveillance technology capable of doing things I mentioned to prevent anyone to commit heinous crimes.
Because in my experience it is not used for true investigation by law enforcement, it is used to intentionally and deliberately plant false evidence against innocent person and brainwash to commit a crime by force while rape daily causing inhumane suffering and severely abuse.
All people must know about this because its evil to do to a human being and leave a person completely unaware about what is being done to them and what is happening to them and why its happening and that law enforcement does this to them by force of this surveillance technology.
This is what I also wrote on Twitter about Canadian law enforcement use of this surveillance technology.
Law enforcement in Canada doesn't care what suffering they cause, they want to cause more suffering, they secretly allowed themselves to use surveillance technology not to protect people but to rape and torture to death. Why Canadian law enforcement is above the law? They allow themselves to rape a woman day after day for a year in secret with no end. Only get more and more creative What an appalling thing to have a secret like that and disregard a woman body deliberately and batter. SHAMEFUL! Rape women and raped a baby girl. Thats what law enforcement in Canada did and continue raping a woman day after day hours nonstop and wake up at night by severely raping. Imagine they find that FUNNY. Hide from Canadians that they use surveillance technology and noone can find out which one they use. Literally enslave people with it and aggressively set them up deliberately and brainwash to commit heinous crimes day in and day out, abusing, battering, raping. Aggressively day after day pursuing their dishonest evil goals to the person they choose. Changing people behaviour, emotions, feelings while violently raping and physically, emotionally, mentally abusing in secret undercover to lead them to become violent and commit crimes. Its completely atrocious what I witnessed they do intentionally and deliberately framing and setting up innocent people. All what I mentioned they do to me for a year day after day. Violently rape and violently abuse and aggressively brainwash to commit crimes and become violent. I can only imagine knowing what they do to me how many innocent people they led to commit despicable #crimes, they literally can brainwash and lead a person to do anything THEY WANT this person to do TO ANYBODY and dont let up till they do. Wake up Canadians! They stumbled on me! Violently rape, abuse, batter, torture, enslave, isolate, provoke, aggressively encourage to get violent brainwash to snap, only to show up and kill if you do watching you 24/7. WAKE UP CANADIANS! Guys be aware it is no miracle somebody is using surveillance technology in Canada and thats not what you suddenly feel or want, its deliberate SET UP. They hide it because they want you to think it's you who feel, react and think this way now. They target people to use them to commit crimes towards other people, lead to commit crimes aggressively with their technology.
I ask everyone around the World to come forward if you know about the surveillance technology law enforcement use to do this, on tv, in newspapers, on radio podcasts if you want law enforcement that uses it to serve justice only and follow laws anywhere in the World. To prevent heinous crimes committed towards anyone in Canada and anywhere in the World in secret undercover using surveillance technology.
I swear on Bible before God and before any Court what I have witnessed and wrote is the Truth and only Truth. And I have proof and evidence.

This is what Law enforcement in Canada also does what I witnessed and how I been victimised and my family.
Everybody you all have to come forward about this surveillance technology law enforcement use, this doesnt belong in modern society, its fascists tactics used in secret undercover deliberate to cause irreversible harm to innocent people. These are crimes against humanity.

Law enforcement in Canada uses surveillance technology deliberately to cause brain damage to adults and babies.
They are using this technology to stimulate brain to cause mental illness traits on purpose and deliberately everyday.
They use this technology to severely mentally and emotionally abuse adults and babies.
They intentionally cause irreversible changes to adult and babies brain.
They deliberately make adults and babies appear mentally ill in the goal to make them mentally ill. Its cleansing of society.
During this abuse they stimulate brain to feel unnaturally nervous, anxious, angry, enraged, violent on purpose and deliberately.
During this abuse they having a capacity to block adults and babies true and genuine emotions and feelings while stimulating to feel those emotions and feelings I described or any other emotions and feelings person doesnt feel or experience contarary to how a person would react or feel themself, not what a person true genuine feelings and emotions are. They stimulate brain to laugh unstoppably, made scream loudly, be very unnaturally, anxious, nervous, enraged and reinforce the trait to be violent. They cause deliberate intentional irreversible harm to adults brains and health and babies brains and babies development. I have witnessed that done to a baby girl under 1 year old till this very minute for a year and I am a victim of this abuse for a year that doesnt end. My adult son also a victim of this abuse. To intentionally and deliberately cause irreversible damage to our brains and mental health to potray us as mentally ill and to make us mentally ill deliberately, its cleansing in the modern society undercover in secret deliberate and aggresive.

I learned that law enforcement in Canada is extremelly corrupted and I think the way they do things will never change. 
They even went as far as falsifying my photo in my new Canadian passport with blur circles in the corners of my mouth and blur dark circles in the corners of my eyes, making me look angry when on the photo I gave to passport office I looked kind with kind and smiling eyes. 

I stand by every word I wrote that it is the truth and only truth before God and on a Bible and in front of any Court.

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