Help the Hidden Homeless in Montreal

Did you know that women and children are suffering from homelessness in Montreal, and they're usually overlooked? It's been estimated that for every person you can see on the street, there are three hidden homeless people, just like Cynthia. They need your voice to speak up for them.

Cynthia was only 17 when she was told to leave her parents' home. Her father drank, a lot. Everything Cynthia did seemed to cause a problem. She was so afraid of her father. But when her mother told her to leave, she felt like the little security she knew was suddenly stolen.

She'd grabbed some clothes, anything she could fit in her faded yellow knapsack, and walked out the door. Panic and anxiety overwhelmed her as she walked down the familiar street she'd grown up on.

Returning her cell phone to her pocket, Cynthia realized that she was trembling. She'd called her best friend, asking if she could sleep on her couch. Her friend knew her family situation, and was able to talk her parents into letting her stay for a couple nights. That was two months ago now.

Since that day, Cynthia has bounced around from one friend's house to the next, sleeping on couch after couch. Each couch as temporary as the last. But she would do anything to avoid having to sleep on the street.

Just like Cynthia, the hidden homeless are couch surfing. They live in motels, treatment centres or hospitals. There's an entire community of homeless people who are invisible.

Women and teens are much more likely to bounce from home to home, than risk being vulnerable on the street.

Please join us in saying this is not okay! The hidden homeless need to have access to resources that will help them find accessible housing.

Will you sign our petition to raise awareness for the people you won't find on the street? With your help, we can give them a voice, too!
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