Save the Orcas from Extinction!

Southern Resident orcas, and the chinook salmon they rely on, are part of our Northwest culture, economy, and ecology. But both species are teetering on the edge of being gone from our waters forever.

The Northwest has an opportunity to recover both species while unlocking outdoor recreational opportunities, honoring tribal treaty rights, boosting our fishing economy, and upholding our legacy of clean energy and agriculture. How? By leading the largest salmon and river recovery in history. 

Four aging dams on the Snake River have outlived their effectiveness, have cost taxpayers billions of dollars, and kill millions of salmon juveniles every year as they attempt to migrate downriver to the ocean. Salmon make up 98% of the diet of endangered Southern Resident orcas with one species of salmon, Chinook, making up the majority of their food. But Southern Residents don't have enough salmon to raise their newborns: nearly 7 in 10 pregnancies end in miscarriage. A restored Snake River means restored salmon runs means a restored orca population.

Time is running out and we need Congress to act. Sign to tell your Representatives and Senators that 2021 needs to be the year that Congress restores the Snake River and to bring a new opportunity to the Northwest.

To whom it may concern: 

As residents of the Northwest, we are deeply concerned about the Southern Resident orca, one of our most iconic species. The orcas are threatened with extinction if we do not take urgent action. For decades inland river dams have been injuring, killing, and preventing the migration of chinook salmon, the orcas' primary food source. Without enough chinook salmon to eat, the Southern Resident orca population has been declining and is likely to continue to do so until the orcas are lost forever. Despite billions of dollars spent on salmon recovery, the chinook salmon has seen little improvement. The Southern Resident orca are an important cultural icon for the region. 

As concerned constituents we ask that you reconsider your stance on breaching the four lower Snake River dams, which experts predict is the most effective way to restore salmon and safeguard the future of the Southern Resident orcas. Instead of continuing to spend taxpayer dollars on ineffective solutions, we urge you to take meaningful action to protect the Northwest's wildlife.

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