Save Orangutan Habitats!

Forests are a vital source of livelihoods for one billion people around the world; but irresponsible agricultural practices can pose a huge threat to the environment. Despite the existence of techniques allowing farmers to grow their crops in harmony with nature, entire forests are still being destroyed, and endangered animals like Sumatran tigers, rare birds, and orangutans become at risk.

An estimated 7,500 Sumatran orangutans are left in the wild, which makes the Rainforest Alliance's work to help farmers in Indonesia vitally important. By managing the land sustainably, farmers can help protect the orangutan's habitat.

The Rainforest Alliance trains farmers in methods that safeguard the health of the land for future generations while boosting yields for today's markets. Through collaboration with farms, the Rainforest Alliance ensures the long-term well-being of farm communities, as well as the forests and wildlife on which we all depend. Several Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms operate where orangutans live, and use sustainable and responsible farming practices to conserve the rainforest.

By purchasing products that carry the Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal of approval, you are making the choice to support environmental and wildlife sustainability. The orangutans (and tigers and birds) need your help. Protect endangered animals—pledge to buy Rainforest Alliance Certified™ products and join the fight to save rainforests around the world.

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