Put a PERMANENT BAN on Elephant hunting, lion hunting, hippo hunting, and crocodile hunting and find non-lethal solutions to keep people safe from wild animals

    Hunting wild animals is not an effective way to prevent human-wildlife conflict. Hunters lead to wounded elephants, which become more aggressive to humans, and start raiding crops and killing people, because hunters have wounded them. The lions trophy hunters kill are not the ones that attack people or livestock. The lions that attack people or livestock are either female lions or young male lions. Adult male lions rarely attack livestock or people. Communities also get no benefits from trophy hunting. They only get 3 to 5 percent of the revenue. Also photo tourism creates more jobs for economies. When Botswana banned hunting of wild animals in 2014, the photo tourism industry had created more jobs and employed more people. This is because photo tourism employs people year round, whereas hunting only employs people for six months of the year. They only people who lose jobs when hunting is banned are the hunting companies themselves. Everyone else benefits from bans on trophy hunting.
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