Sign if you agree: We need more inclusive spaces for people with an intellectual disability!

Canadians with an intellectual disability have known the pain of isolation and exclusion long before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Many children, youth, and adults with an intellectual disability are often left out of the conversation, on the playground, and in the workforce. 

An Intellectual disability does not prevent a person from succeeding - lack of opportunity and exclusion do. Together, we have the power to change that.

Special Olympics Canada is leading the inclusion movement. For 49,600 athletes with an intellectual disability across Canada, Special Olympics is an opportunity to discover new talents, make new friends and gain confidence both on and off the field.

At any obstacle faced, our athletes always show up to meet the challenge. Now, our athletes challenge you to put your support behind this movement creating inclusive communities across Canada.

When you sign this pledge to join the inclusion movement, Tim Hortons, a National Partner of Special Olympics Canada, will send you a free cup of coffee as a special thank you. 

When you sign up with your phone number, Special Olympics Canada will call you to confirm where to send your virtual Timcard and share ways that you can get more involved. Offer applicable in Canada only. Your information will not be shared with Tim Hortons.

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