A Wyoming Man Ran Down a Young Wolf With His Snowmobile, Taped Its Mouth Shut, Then Paraded the Injured, Exhausted, Terrified Animal Around His Local Bar Before Killing It

  • von: Care2 Team
  • empfänger: Sublette County Authorities, Wyoming
The following story is one of the most heartbreaking instances of animal cruelty we have witnessed. And yet, the perpetrator has had no charges brought against him.

Cody Roberts of Sublette County, Wyoming was riding his snowmobile when he spotted a young wolf -- some sources describe the pup as just a year old. Roberts then proceeded to chase the wolf to the point of exhaustion and mow it down with his snowmobile, injuring it so badly that it couldn't flee.

Instead of putting the wolf out of its misery, Roberts kept the poor thing alive for his own entertainment. He taped its mouth shut and brought the wolf to his local bar, where photos show him grinning with a beer in his hand and holding the exhausted, terrified, injured animal close.

After Roberts and his friends at the bar had their fun, he took the wolf out back and shot it. For this hours-long display of cruelty and torture, Roberts was only fined $250 for being in possession of a live wolf.

Sign the petition to demand that the authorities in Sublette County, Wyoming bring animal cruelty charges against Cody Roberts, and hold accountable anyone else who watched this happen and did nothing!

It is completely legal to kill a wolf in Sublette County, even without a license. Where Roberts first captured and began his torture of the wolf is called the "predator zone," where anyone can kill a wolf at any time, according to state law.

The cruel irony about this state law that is that wolves are actually protected in the United States under the Endangered Species Act, since their populations have been nearly devastated by hunting and habitat loss. But the wolf packs in Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana -- like this poor wolf's family -- are excluded from these protections, empowering people like Cody Roberts to do the unthinkable.

While we need to continue to fight for the protections of all wolves, the focus here is clear -- we must raise our voices and demand that Cody Roberts is charged with animal cruelty. What he did is not deserving of a $250, a mere slap on the wrist -- this man needs to be brought to true justice. Otherwise, what is stopping him from doing this to another innocent animal?

Cody Roberts cannot be allowed to think he can pay for the right to torture animals. Sign the petition demanding authorities in Sublette County bring animal cruelty charges against this man!
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