Pledge to Save African Elephants: Modern-Day Mammoths Under Immense Pressure

Standing at a staggering three metres tall and weighing in at a whopping six tonnes, the African elephant truly is a modern-day mammoth.

But, despite their sheer strength, these gentle giants are renowned for so much more… Their long memories, their innate intelligence, and the care and compassion they show their kin, reminiscent of that shown by humans.

They are also an extremely important keystone species, using the 40,000 muscles in their trunks to dig watering holes in the savannahs, helping countless thirsty creatures survive the harsh conditions, and using their astonishing strength to carve pathways through the forests that smaller species can travel through.

But what is happening to them in return is so utterly tragic. 

Years and years of relentless ivory poaching has seen their populations plummet. And - in more recent years - rapid human population growth has introduced unprecedented dangers – as their forest homes are torn apart, these beautiful behemoths are simply running out of space. Forced into close contact with local humans, many of these innocent animals lose their lives.

20% of their entire population has been wiped out within a single decade. 

They are running out of time. We must act now.

Please, pledge today that you will support African elephants. Pledge that you will show solidarity with these beautiful beasts. Pledge that you will join the fight against illegal wildlife poaching and horrific habitat destruction.

It may seem like a mammoth task, but with your support, there is still time to turn this tale around. With your help, we can still save these amazing animals, so that the awe-inspiring African elephant can continue to thrive in its natural home for generations to come.

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