Join the movement to reform the world’s largest jail system—LA County’s

Reforming our criminal justice system is critical to the people of LA County⁠—that's why 247,000 residents have signed on to support a 2020 ballot measure reforming LA County jails.

Our jail system currently targets the homeless, the mentally ill, and people suffering from addiction, fails to invest in rehabilitation and prevention services, and props up a system in which the most vulnerable are more likely to enter jail, stay in jail, and return to jail.

Amidst all this, LA County was set to pay $30 million dollars to begin designing L.A. County's 8th jail with a private company just two months ago.

Then, something amazing happened: we won.

The Reform LA Jails movement -- thanks to leaders from Black Lives Matter, Los Angeles County, -- were able to take on a multi-billion dollar corporation and win.

The LA County Board of Supervisors voted to cancel the contract to build a multi-million dollar correctional facility under the guise of mental health care -- that only happened because our movement showed up and spoke up.

But to keep victories like that going, and for us to win our ballot initiative to Reform LA Jails in March 2020, we need to grow this movement even more.
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