Big Tuna is Supporting Human Slavery

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Do you enjoy tuna? Would you still enjoy it knowing it likely was produced using slave labor? The world tuna trade nets a shocking $42 billion every single year. What's even more shocking is that there are striking cases of slavey along the supply chain of tuna. Not to mention the environmental impact of fishing tuna. 

Will you sign this petition asking the major tuna companies to weed out any slavery in their industry?

The fact that slave labor is used in the production of tuna is an open secret in the industry. The group Business & Human Rights Resource Centre (BHRRC) surveyed the top 35 retail tuna brands and it turns out only 20% of them could even say they'd tracked their whole supply chain for ethical practices and even fewer, only 8%, actually require subcontractors to not use slavery. That means that 92% of the major tuna companies are doing nothing to prevent slavery in the production of their tuna.

But we can do something about this, we are their customers and we can force them to listen to us. We can put pressure on the top brands to do their due dilligence and make sure no one is employing slave labor in their supply chains. Will you sign on to tell them to do it?

This report details the abuses and which companies are doing anything about it. The report also tells companies exactly what they could do to prevent it. The only companies that are actually doing the best they can not to employ slave labor are: Thai Union, Simplot and Tri Marine. Every other company has a long way to go before they can call themselves ethical.
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