"Stop the use of Toxic Pesticides on Prescott School Grounds"

This past school year I encountered the school grounds being sprayed with fertilizer and herbicides at Malone, Intermediate, Middle and High School grounds. These pesticides were applied more than once at all locations. The children were even allowed on the grass before the allotted "safe" time after application.

I had to make multiple calls to school officials asking that they keep children off the grass. I spoke with Superintendent Dr. Spicuzza and he was very helpful. He said the contract is up this fall so they would look into a natural lawn care option. My concern is that natural company may not be able to be as competitive as the conventional companies and they will continue to use these toxic pesticides.

When they sprayed Malone, it was so strong you could smell the chemicals for a few days. Even teachers complained.

I don't want my children or anyone's child rolling around in those chemicals. A green, weed free lawn is not worth risking our children's health. Please help me put an end to the use of pesticides on school grounds. Thanks!
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