To reduce animal abuse, France will require pet-buyers to learn about their responsibilities

Amazing news — France just passed a new law that would be a huge boon for animal safety. Under the animal mistreatment legislation, hopeful pet-parents must read through and sign a "certificate of understanding" before they are allowed to buy a new pet.

This is a huge step forward for animal welfare and protection of our beloved furry friends! This fantastic idea must now be replicated on a larger scale in order to protect even more animals.

Sign the petition to demand that the European Union pass a law requiring new pet-parents to sign certificates demonstrating their recognition of their new responsibilities!

The certificate doesn't require anything particularly onerous: new pet owners aren't required to undergo training or "parenting" classes, or even to procure a license. Instead, the certificate will act more like an educational tool, providing information on a pet's or species' specific needs — including its food, exercise, and other care requirements — as well as information about how much such needs might cost. In addition to clarifying all the expenses and work involved in properly taking care of a companion animal, the certificate will also lay out pet-parents' responsibilities towards their pets.

The hope is that this "certificate of understanding" will cause less-committed pet-purchasers to think twice about the very real responsibilities involved in being a dutiful owner. This will hopefully convince people not to make "impulse buys" (such as for birthdays or holiday gifts), which often result in abandoned or neglected pets. It's possible the new law could also reduce abuse against animals.

People buying pets wouldn't be the only ones on the line. Anyone attempting to sell a companion animal will also be held accountable, as they must ensure that their buyers complete the certification reading and signing process.

This new law is clearly a solid win for animal rights. Now we just need to recreate it to help even more animals outside of France!

Tell the European Union to follow France's lead and protect pets by requiring owners to sign "certificates of understanding"!
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