A Measured Step to Protecting Pets and Consumers in Colorado

  • von: Rebecca Martien
  • empfänger: The Colorado House Committee on Agriculture, Livestock, and Natural Resources

Colorado House Bill 1102 would protect the current small businesses in Colorado who are licensed to sell cats and dogs but would prevent NEW businesses from selling cats and dogs.

We must begin the hard work of addressing the issues affecting humans and animals alike. Cruelty to animals by bad actors in the world of breeding has been well documented. However, reputable breeders can be reluctant to sell to pet stores.

At the very least, we must demand that consumers are given all of the information necessary when making a decision regarding the purchase of a new pet. Colorado House Bill 1102 makes this mandatory.

It is not radical, but is a small yet significant step forward that will protect the small businesses already in operation who are licensed to sell cats and dogs while also protecting consumers, cats, and dogs.

By passing this bill in Colorado, we will hopefully set an example for other states to follow. We need to begin taking measures to address the issue of puppy and kitten mills in the US. This bill is a significant step in that direction.

We need people in Colorado to please sign this petition so that we can demonstrate to the committee reviewing the bill, that Coloradans support this measure.

Petition unterzeichnen
Petition unterzeichnen
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