Germany: Ban Leaf Blowers

  • von: Chrissy H
  • empfänger: Bundesministerium für Umwelt, Naturschutz und nukleare Sicherheit (BMU)

The sound level of more than 100 decibels - that is about as loud as a jackhammer - especially the neighbors are harassed and harmed the health of users. Because even at a noise level of 85 decibels, permanent damage can cause hearing damage.

The loud Blowers absorb with the withered leaves also small animals such as spiders and insects, chop them up and kill them. In addition to the beetles, spiders and woodlice, the mangled small animals sometimes include frogs and small hedgehogs.

They also destroy plant seeds. Since the extracted leaves or branches blown away with an air speed of up to 220 km / h no longer rot on the ground, the humus and nutrient formation is hindered. The small animals living on the ground such as worms, insects, spiders and small mammals lose food and habitat, the soil is deprived of the deck layer, which protects it from dehydration and in extreme cold.

We demand: Ban Leaf Blowers in Germany !

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