Demand Stronger Regulations for Stalled Horses

  • von: Sue Hayes
  • empfänger: United States Department of Agriculture - Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

Something so commonplace and yet often overlooked is the plight of the modern horse. Being imprisoned in small stalls day after day is often a normal occurrence around the world, but it is also inhumane. There should be stronger regulations worldwide to alleviate their suffering.

This petition is not directed toward conscientious owners who stall their horses for the night to keep them safe or temporarily due to inclimate weather or a medical issue.  This petition is about creating awareness for the horses that are ignored and need our voice.  Through domesticating horses, we have taken away their freedom, so it is up to each owner to ensure the safety and comfort of the horse in his/her care.  If a horse owner is not being responsible, we need to speak up.  Many horses are stalled with little or no exercise and without shelter or shade, while having to endure mud, flies, heat, frigid temperatures, etc.  

A lot of the modern horse's behavioral problems such as cribbing and stall weaving are caused by confinement. Stalled horses are at greater health risks since movement is vital for healthy hooves, bones, digestion and respiration. Horses who breathe in a lot of dust and irritants from bedding, feed, etc., are also more prone to inflammatory airway disease.

Confined horses are often overlooked as long as they receive food and water, but laws need to be put in place and regulated for their protection.  While it would be ideal for every horse to live in a pasture and have a barn/run-in shed, the laws should at least ensure that each horse is removed from its stall daily for proper exercise and/or grazing, has plenty of socialization, and is given shade/shelter from inclimate weather.  This is the least we can do for them.  As so many of us fight for the freedom and rights of dolphins and whales in tanks and pens, as well as caged zoo animals, caged lab animals, crated and caged farm animals, and caged dogs and cats, let's please not forgot about the caged horses. Thank you!

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