STOP The Animal Abuse at Egypt's Giza Zoo!

  • von: Keryn Finch
  • empfänger: Deputy Minister of Agriculture - Mona Mehrez

I have witnessed myself the horrible treatment of the animals at the zoo. I went behind the scenes into the animal cages and it's horrific.

Large animals in extremely small confined spaces with no food or water.

They are abusing these animals with weapons to harm and control (sticks).

There is not enough education around animal welfare in this zoo.

Please inspect and shut down!

**Care2 says: this zoo has been described by Egyptian Streets magazine as the "worst zoo in the world" and a "zoo of horrors". TripAdvisor reviews describe dirty, tiny cages and unhappy, sick animals. Photographs show lion cubs being held by visitors, and animals being poked with sticks. This place has to be shut down."**

Update #1vor 2 Jahren
A massive thank you to all of our 87,573 petition signers.. we have sent our petition to The Department of Agriculture, Mona Mehrez who will hopefully shut this zoo down, so our precious animals can finally have the environment they deserve.

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