International nuclear cloud isn't ''harmless'' - demand investigation!

In late September, a radioactive cloud spread across Europe, reaching Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland. The cloud appears to have been caused by radioactive leak in Russia.

France's nuclear safety institute said there had been a "major" radiation leak, and that it most likely came from a Russian facility. But Rossatom, Russia's state nuclear company, denies that any incidents have occurred.

Concerns of a cover-up have been raised by Russia's Greenpeace. In the interests of the international community, Russia should now allow for an independent investigation of where and how the leak occurred.

Please sign this petition to ask that Russia submit to an independent investigation to help understand the source of this dangerous nuclear leak. We must ensure the international community is protected from nuclear catastrophes.

The Russian government:

The recent radioactive cloud that appeared over Europe is of great concern.

It is within the interest of both Russians and the international community to allow an independent investigation into potential nuclear leaks in Russian facilities that may have caused the cloud.

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