Ask Disneyland to give victims of the Camp Fire a Free Day at Disneyland

The people who have survived the Camp Fire have survived more than the usual wildfire, and deserve a day at the Happiest Place on Earth.

Hi, I am one of the residents from the Camp Fire in Northern California who has lost everything and is now displaced. The latest figures for the fire are 135,000 acres, 40 percent containment, 10,000 homes lost, 65+ dead (expected to rise), 650 +missing, and one whole town wiped off of the map. This is much, much worse than your regular wildfire.

We are being told that it might be Christmas before we are allowed back in to just see our property due to the huge amount of people missing and dead. They don't want us back in until they are relatively sure that they have found most or all of the missing and dead.

We have been told that it will take at least a year to just get electricity back into the area because of the devastation to the infrastructure, and they will basically have to put in electricity as if it had never been put in before. This means setting utility poles, running wire, and installing other equipment. After that year we can think about rebuilding, which will be another two years.

We are looking at having no homes for about three years. This is for 25,000 people. Once they do start rebuilding there are no stores and services for us. No gas stations, no pharmacies, no doctor's offices, no day care, no groceries. In the meantime, FEMA has come in but that too is a long process, and many are currently in shelters or just camped out in parking lots. The hotels are all full for a 100 mile radius in any direction. Places to rent are gone.

This is devastation on a greater scale than has ever been seen in a California wildfire before or in our nation. The residents will likely be spending years trying to rebuild their lives.

Not only would this be good for the people in my area, but I think it would show compassion and caring in a way that Disneyland has never shown before.

Update #1vor 1 Jahren
Camp Fire in Northern California latest figures for the fire are:
146,000 acres burned,
50 percent contained
71 fatalities confirmed
11,862 + structures destroyed (including homes)
1000 + people missing
52,000 people displaced
The infrastructure has been destroyed and they say it will be at least a year until electricity is restored to much of the area. Local area housing can't absorb these people & many realistically don’t stand a chance of finding local housing again
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