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  • empfänger: Nguyễn Xuân Phúc, Prayut Chan-o-cha, Hwang Kyo-ahn

This article displays the harsh reality of dogs stolen, tortured, bound, and transported from Thailand to Vietnam to be sold as meat. 

Dogs are often eaten by the wealthy, and some cruelly believe that the more the animal is tortured before it dies, the better it tastes when it is dead.  Please read, sign and share this petition wherever you can.  Bless you for doing so and for caring about the sentient ones. 

"The Dog-Meat Bus" article:

You can send your own message to the following Governmental contacts in Vietnam and Thailand.  Every message to them counts.  This has to stop.  Thank you for caring for those creatures who cannot speak or fight for themselves.

1)  Vietnam Governmental Feedback: (cut and paste address in URL)

2) Government of Vietnam Editorial Agency:

3) The Prime Minister of Thailand:

4) Ministry of Education, Thailand:

Kind regards,

Vancouver, CA

Sign and Share!

Update #2vor 2 Jahren
The battle continues to save dogs and cats from the wicked hands of those who steal, murder, and eat them. Please share this petition again on any social networks you are able to. There have been many victories which you can view on Google so you can feel less defeated about this atrocity. Many animals have been saved and adopted worldwide. The governments are now having to pay attention because of our pressure X0
Update #1vor 6 Jahren
Please share this petition wherever you can so I can receive more signatures. We are up over 17,000 which is a huge leap from my last update; but I want to make a huge impact when I send result to all my chosen targets.

I appreciate any assistance you can give me with this. Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit, Google, Twitter are a few networks you can share on; and email contacts are great too

Kind and troubled thoughts about animals,
Tamara Cassidy
Vancouver BC Canada.
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