Strengthen Australia's Animal Cruelty Prevention Laws!

  • von: Care2 Team
  • empfänger: Parliament of Australia

Across the country, Australians are calling for more comprehensive animal cruelty laws. But simply increasing punishments for incidents of animal abuse is expensive, and doesn't actually result in less animal cruelty. Australia should invest in effective, preventative methods to keep pets and livestock across the country safe!

Sign now to demand the Parliament of Australia invest in effective animal cruelty prevention methods!

Experts agree that there are many existing and effective strategies to reduce animal cruelty. Ownership bans for people who have a record of animal abuse are essential, since many abusers are repeat offenders. Spay and neuter programs are also extremely important to prevent unwanted offspring, and animal welfare education goes a long way to help the public understand the unique needs of different animals. 

Simply making punishment for animal cruelty worse will not actually protect animals anywhere. Prevention methods are far more effective, and don't bloat the criminal justice system, which is poorly suited to manage animal rights and animal harm. 

The people of Australia want to protect pets across the country, and this is a wonderful thing. It is time the Australian Parliament heed the calls of the Australian public and invest heavily in effective animal cruelty prevention programs! Sign the petition now if you agree!

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