SHUT DOWN Hill Country Elephant Preserve

    This is not a preserve!!! These people exploit these poor animals; they break their spirits by harming them with prods and bull hooks. This company MOVED from California to Texas due to the lack of laws against animal rights. THIS IS NOT OKAY! Elephants are intelligent with a wide range of emotions and for them to be treated this way is absolutely inhumane. This organization needs to be shut down. These elephants need to be placed in a LEGIT SANCTUARY where they can roam freely and BE ELEPHANTS. Being in Texas, it is very hard to relocate but if enough people become aware of this and if the right people get this message, we can all work together to save these poor babies. They need to be able to be elephants, not just some act to entertain. This is basically a circus without a tent. This organization is also trying to get ahold of MORE animals to abuse and exploit. We NEED to stop them ASAP before more animals endure this torture. PLEASE HELP AND SPREAD THE WORD!! 
    HERE IS HOW THEY SHOULD BE TREATED. With LOVE and RESPECT. Why can't we do that here Texas??? What's so different? Why must we ABUSE these majestic creatures??? END THE ABUSE NOW!! SHARE AND SPREAD THE WORD!
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