Exxon Has Made Money From Lying to Us for Decades. Putin's War in Ukraine Is the Newest Example.

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  • empfänger: U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Exxon is no stranger to bad publicity. From rampant climate denialism to greedy profiteering amidst global energy shortages, it is clear that the corporation has no interest in the well-being of the public. The company, which has reached a near comic book supervillain status of evil and corporate wrongdoing, has decided that the best way to respond to Putin's illegal invasion of Ukraine is to price gouge and rake in record profits. 

Sign now to demand the U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission prevent price gouging and indirect war profiteering!

Since at least 1980, Exxon has known that the extraction of oil and gas would produce greenhouse gas emissions capable of dramatically altering the climate for the worse. But rather than act on this knowledge with conscience, the company spent hundreds of millions of dollars perpetuating climate denialism to continue raking in profits for four decades. So it should come as no surprise that the corporation is finding new ways to make money off of lies, this time in the form of benefitting from the illegal invasion against Ukraine.

Exxon's newest lie is that energy prices are the fault of President Biden. But we know this is not the case, as the industry is sitting on over 9,000 approved permits to drill for oil on federal lands that are already leased to them. The reality is that Exxon is taking advantage of global oil shortages due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict in order to price gouge and profit off of the devastation, and everyday working people are paying the cost. In fact, Exxon reported record profits last quarter, despite the urging of climate activists to reduce fossil fuel dependency and soaring gas prices destroying the budgets of people around the world.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has the ability to regulate these prices and guarantee that everyday Americans are not forced to pay huge percentages of their salary in gasoline and energy prices. Working people should not be made to suffer for the actions of a dictator a continent away, and Exxon should not be allowed to take advantage of the suffering of the Ukrainian people to make an extra buck. Sign the petition now if you agree!
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