Justice for Gypsy, and Time for Her Owner

    A lot of Twitter users have seen the Snapchat posted by Taylor Ansell. (https://twitter.com/mikeoliver1170/status/954172393789964288)
    In the video, a border collie is responding to her owner’s commands, only to have her trust betrayed. Freezing water is dumped on her head and she is later locked outside in the -20 degree weather of Ontario, Canada. Gypsy, the dog shown in the video, displays signs of previous mistreatment such as a tucked tail, caution approaching her owners, and instant retreat as soon as they move towards her. While Ansell and her boyfriend seem to think of this as a laughing matter, it is anything but. Stand with Gypsy and sign this petition to call for an Ontario rescue group to seize Gypsy from her owners and place her in the loving home she has always deserved. Also, punishment for the owners is perfectly comprehensible in light of their disgusting and cruel actions. To help Gypsy and call for justice, help us spread awareness by spreading this petition. Every retweet and repost helps!
    Petition unterzeichnen
    Petition unterzeichnen
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