Media should chase truth, not likes. Connect with real journalism that puts the facts first.

Where does our media come from and how does it get to us?

It's estimated that the average Canadian spends over nine hours per day consuming media. For news media specifically, Canadians are increasingly turning to Facebook as a source. However, not only do studies show that time on Facebook makes us more isolated and depressed, Facebook has repeatedly proved that it does not have the values that we want in our media organizations. Things like transparency, loyalty to the facts, dedication to telling the truth and holding those in power accountable. Over and over again, Facebook has ducked responsibility for the truthfulness of the information being promoted over its platform, and the results on our democracy have been devastating.

The Challenge: Get your news anywhere but Facebook and see how changing up your news source, changes your perspective.

Just as we pay attention to the healthfulness and quality of the food that we put in our bodies (sometimes), so we should pay attention to the quality of the information we put into our heads. A healthy, functioning society depends on a shared commitment to truth and open dialogue.

Canada needs quality, committed media sources so that our dialogue matters.

Enter, The Tyee. For over 15 years, The Tyee has produced fact-based, independent journalism by and for Canadians. Our reader-supported online newsmagazine has earned awards and recognition from our journalism peers, and has never wavered in our commitment to telling stories that matter. We don't use algorithms to serve up outrageous stories to readers. Instead, each week, thousands of people receive our new and culture stories by email, for free, without being put through the Facebook filter.

It's time that we see Facebook for what it truly is not; it is not a benign platform to connect with friends, and certainly not a responsible news publisher.

Don't depend on an algorithm to decide what information you see. Connect directly with a trusted, award-winning, independent media organization that is committed to telling stories that matter, driven by facts (and sprinkled with humour).

The Challenge: Sign up for The Tyee. Change your news source. Change your outlook.

Get your news anywhere but Facebook, but particularly with us, and we think you will notice a change for the better. We bet you will feel more connected and more informed with our solutions-oriented stories in your day. Become part of our community of informed folks who care. Let's see what we can do together.

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