Speak Up for a Strong Farm Bill to Bring Back Grassland Birds

Grassland birds like the Bobolink and Lesser Prairie-Chicken are disappearing faster than any other birds in the U.S. and Canada, with more than 50 percent lost over the last 50 years. But there is hope: Grassland restoration in farming and ranching areas can play a major role in recovering bird populations.

You can help create a better future for grassland birds by supporting a strong U.S. Farm Bill. It's up for reauthorization this year, representing a critical opportunity to shape the legislation so that it benefits birds, along with farmers and rural communities. We are expecting to see both versions from the House and Senate very soon.

This iteration of the bill, passed every five years, is expected to cost well over $1 trillion, with nearly $20 billion slated for conservation—the single largest source of annual conservation funding in the world. It contains vital land management programs that affect millions of birds across U.S. grasslands and provide farmers with incentives to conserve soil, water, and wildlife.

Once the two versions of the Farm Bill emerge from Congress, there will be a brief window of opportunity to seek final changes that may be vital for birds. Stay informed and be ready to take action and help us strengthen the Farm Bill for imperiled birds and the prairie habitats they depend upon.
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