Protect the Adorable, Tiny, Bumblebee Bat!

  • von: Care2 Team
  • empfänger: Thailand Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

One of the most amazing things about Earth is the rich biodiversity that exists across it. From dense tropical rainforests to dramatic, arid deserts, our planet is literally teeming with life -- and some of that life just happens to be simply adorable. Weighing on average less than .07 ounces, the bumblebee bat falls into this category. But the tiny species is at risk, and we must encourage the Thai government to protect this exceptionally cute creature before it is too late!

 Sign now to demand Thailand's Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment work to increase conservation efforts of the bumblebee bat and protect the species from extinction! 

The aptly-named bumblebee bat -- also known as Kitt's hot-nosed bat -- is the smallest bat in the world, and has the smallest skull size of any mammal on earth. These tiny creatures are on average 1.14 inches long, so short and tiny that they could be easily confused with a bumblebee if you didn't know what you were looking for. In fact, bumblebee bats typically weigh less than a penny! In this case, while their size makes them extra cute for us humans to observe and appreciate, it also puts them at heightened risk for ecosystem changes and habitat loss. And like so many other species, this adorably small creature is at high risk because of human activity. The IUCN, the international body which monitors population changes of species, tragically lists the bumblebee bat as threatened. Scientists have recommended that governments improve the protection and management of the bats' roosting caves, as well as increased protection for other habitats the species relies on, including foraging areas. These changes could immediately be implemented in Thailand, averting the extinction of the smallest bat on the planet!

Scientists are literally giving us the blueprint for how to save one of the tiniest mammals on Earth, and it is time we heed their calls. Sign the petition now to put pressure on Thailand's Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to increase protections for this tiny, beloved creature! We must work quickly before the bumblebee bat is lost forever!
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