Help rescue farm animals like Tiny the pig

Tiny the pig joined Austin Farm Sanctuary on March 1st, 2020. She was nearly 6 months old and was only 85 pounds; which is very small for her age.

The early days were rough for this little angel. She was the runt in a litter of 12 and had developed severe medical issues. The family raising her reached out to us because they were unhappy with the care she was getting and wanted to get her real help. 

She eventually got to settle in at our sanctuary and made a lot of friends. She would constantly play in mud baths, oinked at the goats as she trotted around with them and nose kissed her cow and pig neighbors.

However, it wasn't all good times for Tiny.

She had more underlying, and sadly permanent, health issues. Even with multiple surgeries and excellent veterinary care, Tiny's little body was ready to rest and she passed away in July. We are incredibly grateful to have watched Tiny grow under our care and live out the happy life she deserved at her home at the Austin Farm Sanctuary.

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