It's Time to End the Time Change Twice a Year Around Daylight Saving Time For Good!

  • by: Care2 Team
  • recipient: Every country that practices time changing twice yearly

Daylight Saving Time is in opposition to Standard time and practicing is means we do that twice yearly change in time that confuses everyone's bodies, brains and lives. It was first implemented to save coal and help farmers. But as a society, we have progressed so far away from that, so it no longer makes any sense. Plus, the majority of people absolutely hate the practice. 

Research continually shows that the time change around Daylight Saving Time costs our societies money, increases sleep deprivation and traffic collisions, and is bad for our mental health! So why does most of the U.S. and Europe along with other countries still do this antiquated practice? The answer seems to be habit. 

In the U.S. right now, states can either be sheep and follow the crowd of those observing Daylight Saving Time half the year, or remain on standard time all year. The problem is that standard time means it gets darker earlier all year long, something most of us do not prefer. In fact, most of us wish it would stay lighter later all year! But anything is better than this biannual switcharoo.

Sign the petition if you want every country to be on Daylight Saving Time all the time and end this time changing business for good!

Particularly now, after living for years in a global pandemic, the world's mental health is suffering! A huge amount of humans suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which means that the winter months bring on symptoms of depression. Choosing to put the whole world on Daylight Saving Time would help this condition tremendously by giving all of us more light during the hours we are awake. 

Sleep experts also tell us that the time change is not good for our bodies. Our circadian rhythms, which control our sleep cycles, are incredibly sensitive. Throwing our schedules off by even an hour can have significant impacts on our ability to sleep and function in our lives. Sleeping at a regular and consistent time is a crucial part of staying healthy and happy. This is a no brainer. 

The societal factors that created our bizarre time change choices are just not longer here. It's a relic and it needs to end. Sign the petition if you want every country to have more light later all year round!

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