Republicans in the Senate Just Killed a Bill That Would Have Protected the Right to Birth Control

  • by: Care2 Team
  • recipient: Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer & Senate Republicans
In another massive blow to reproductive rights, Senate Republicans this week killed a bill that would federally protect the right to contraception.

This sends a loud, terrifying message to women and people with uteruses: "You no longer have guaranteed control over whether or not you get pregnant."

Republicans' efforts to roll back basic human rights are getting more and more terrifying.

Sign the petition to ask that Senate Democrats reintroduce this bill as soon as possible, and that the Senate Republicans who were previously on the fence see reason and vote yes on this bill!

Contraception is so vital because it creates choice where there once was none. Before birth control and other forms of contraception, women had little power over whether or not they got pregnant. This severely limited choices in their lives -- the choice to work, the choice to go to school, and many more choices were totally eliminated if a person got pregnant and hadn't wanted to. Contraception is a key element of freedom, choice, and equality.

The Right to Contraception Act is a strong, simple measure: instead of relying on a Supreme Court precedent (in this instance, a ruling in the case called Griswold v. Connecticut), it would make the right to birth control and other contraceptives federally protected. Enshrined in law. Official and unyielding.

This is so important because we have seen first hand how Supreme Court precedents can fail. Roe v. Wade was seen as an immovable precedent… until a Trump-packed Supreme Court overturned it and allowed over a dozen states to completely ban abortion. When Roe was overturned, Justice Clarence Thomas even "wrote separately that the court "should reconsider" other precedents like Griswold."

Contraception is clearly not safe without federal protection! And with the looming threat of another Trump presidency, it has never been more important to safeguard basic reproductive rights.

Because of an apt move by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, the bill can be reintroduced at a later date. We must come together as activists, voters, and signers, and tell Republicans that they work for us -- and their jobs are on the chopping block unless they protect our basic human rights.

Sign the petition asking Chuck Schumer to reintroduce this bill as soon as possible, and for Senate Republicans to find reason and basic human compassion and vote YES to protect the right to contraception!
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