Tell M.A.C. to reveal if they use dead sharks in their makeup!

There may be shark in your makeup! Regardless if it's a big brand or drug store one, there is a big chance that the Squalane in your makeup was harvested from deep sea sharks. Over 2.7 million sharks are killed each year to supply the global need for Squalane in cosmetics. When the oil is harvested from shark livers it is called Squalene but then it is hydrogenated, and it becomes Squalane. 

Vegetable based alternatives have hit the shelves but not all companies are labelling them properly and indicating if it is vegan or not. One of the biggest makeup company in the world refuses to reveal the sourcing of their Squalane and we are convinced that it is shark derived because if it was not, they would proudly display it in their ingredients.

Please help us put pressure on M.A.C cosmetics and ask them to reveal the sourcing of their Squalane.

Help us expose the truth behind the makeup you are putting on your face, because you could be funding the slaughter of critically endangered animals which are needed in the ocean to keep our ecosystems healthy.

This is 2018, let's remove shark derived Squalane from cosmetics and let's make them #Sharkfree!

Update #3about a month ago
I sent in my signatures and MAC still doesn't want to reveal the sourcing of the Squalane. This is disappointing, I hope they will change their minds but until then, I will list the Mac products that have Squalane in it:
- All shades of Dazzlegloss Lipgloss
- Lip conditioner
Please spread the word that their might be dead shark in these products, although they removed the Squalane in their primer and lipsticks, we want them to remove it all! Please continue to share! Thank you!
Update #25 months ago
M.A.C cosmetics still has not responded to my messages asking more information on the sourcing of their Squalane which is why my team and I started a fundraiser to have the sourcing tested. We need a lot of support and if you could donate, even if it's 5$ to help us with this cause or even share it, we could see what they use in their makeup.
Link to fundraiser:

Thanks again for all the support,
Update #16 months ago
Hi everyone,

I started this petition because when I found out that Squalane in cosmetics can be derived from sharks it made me mad that certain brands could be funding the slaughter of sharks. Speaking with M.A.C cosmetics and hearing their refusal to revealing the sourcing of the squalane only convinced me that they have something to hide. Im working on taking steps to find out the sourcing, will post more info when I do. Thank you for all the support please share this petition everywhere!
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